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Building Construction

Building construction is the process of adding structure to real property or construction of buildings. Our goal is to create a unique and innovative solution that will be a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.


Building Design

Building design refers to the broadly based architectural, engineering and technical applications to the design of buildings.One of our primary responsibilities as interior designer and constructer is to focus on all of the key elements in your home or office space.


Building Renovation

Whether remodeling the main floor of your home or updating your kitchen, We will help you create a space that is modern, functional, and meets the unique needs of your family.


Interior Design

Whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area or hallway in your home; or the bar, restrooms, waiting areas, kitchen and dining areas in a restaurant; or office set up in a corporate building, our interior design professionals have unique and innovative design solutions for any type of outfit.We provide an exceptional service at every level of the project including overall project management of your interior design changes.


Plan & Estimates

The success of space planning and consequently the entire design project is totally dependent on how well we have captured and transformed client’s vision into a built reality. Client’s wishes are the top priority for our team and client’s participation is encouraged at all stages during the planning and implementation of the project.



Landscaping is an art and our team has mastered the craft so well that each of our landscaped area is a class in its own. Unique and creative solutions that honor the real spirit of nature makes us stand apart from our peers. Enjoy the beauty of a visually crafted landscape that will bring magical delight to your life’s moments.


Our Projects

Residential Building

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Super Team is well established construction company in Pathanamthitta. Expertise in Homes, Villas, Shopping Malls, Institutions, Hospitals. Super Team...



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